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Girls Named Sky

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This girl has decided to call herself Skywallace and I think it’s the perfect choice. Well, that or any of the precious stones like Ruby or Sapphire and certainly even Crystal. Why do I say that? Because those are typical stripper names and in my life experience even girls who’s names just happen to be any of those are as loose as a thing that’s loose. Yeah, I had nothing there. By the way, may as well add Tiffany to that list.

I have friends, or should I say I know girls named Sky and Tiffany and they are both women of looser moral persuasion. It’s not a complaint, don’t get me wrong, it’s merely an observation. Both those girls are usually the life of the party, great fun at and often after the party too.

And this Sky here seems to me might be just that kind of girl too.

There are even more free Chaturbate cams at that link by the way. Yes, you’re welcome.

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