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Just how manyvids are you going to be able to handle?

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How manyvids does it take to satisy your cravings? Well, I guess that depends on how ManyVids you think you can handle. I’m a second course sort of guy so I’ll just take as many as I can get and I’ll have what’s left for dessert. It it takes a second helping to push my cock to the limit I’m not going to deny myself from what I know I deserve.

With so many gorgeous girls all willing to give it up for the camera, this should be about as good as it’s ever going to get. The effort you display might just mean the difference between reaching satisfaction and taking it to the next level. I wouldn’t expect you to be anything but your best so be a man and take it to the extreme. You have so many reasons to be at your rpime and with what’s coming next you are going to be the one who comes out on top. That’s how I play my many hands, how are you going to be playing yours?

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