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The Best of Live Cams

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In my opinion the blondie has the perfect tits, absolutely spot on to my taste. If I could pick out my own tits then I would choose to have these.

I am a man though and if I got gifted tits out of the blue then I would probably not see daylight for a week. I’d be indoors playing with them all the time. Then when I finally do go out I would let all my friends fondle them because I know how much they would appreciate that if women let them do that.

I went to go have a look at a place to rent this morning and I had such a shock when I met the landlady, she looked so much like a woman I was perv’ing out on on a webcam site recently. As I walked closer I was still not sure and the shock turned into excitement, I was already imagining all the fantasies to be realised, but alas it wasn’t her.

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