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The Best VIP Action

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I’ve been going to strip clubs for over ten years now. I am yet to find something more erotic than a sexy babe dancing around to music and teasing me with a little striptease. I have to admit, I don’t care for the actual strip club part of the scenario though. You always have to pay a cover charge and the nicer places have a drink minimum as well. So you can go ahead and count on blowing $50 before you even look at the talent.

Besides that, you are surrounded by drunk guys so it’s typically loud and crowded. To get VIP action you have to take the girls upstairs and that’s going to run you a couple hundred dollars. That’s a very expensive night out and you don’t even get much action.

When I found out about webcam strippers it was like I had won the lottery. I can see sexy babes strip and it’s just for me, in the privacy of my own home. Hell, I don’t even have to wear clothes while I watch. It’s fantastic.

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